Learning habits and values at St Josephs in The Park

1 – Flexibility of Mind

A readiness to be open-minded, to recognise alternative perspectives and welcome novel ideas and viewpoints; to adjust one’s beliefs and change one’s mind in the light of new evidence and arguments. We show respect to people and property.

2 – Good Judgement

The ‘stop and think’ factor; a desire to avoid gullibility, to use reason and think critically; a readiness to assess options carefully and think about the value of ideas and information before deciding who and what to believe and what to do in different situations. Kindness: We do not hurt one another with words or actions. Co-operation: we work together calmly and thoughtfully.

3 – Curiosity – Extending knowledge and understanding

An eagerness to ask questions and to explore beyond what is merely required: to be investigative and observant; to notice, discover, learn, and understand new things.

4 – Persistence

The grit and determination to stick with it when situations are challenging to recognise the importance of intellectual struggle; the self-discipline to re-draft and improve rather than settle for a first attempt; a willingness to seek alternative ways of doing things when obstacles arise. Aspire: We aim high and try our best in all we do.

5 – Reflectiveness

An inclination to review what has been learnt and to consider methods and approaches that have been tried; to analyse both successes and failures with a view to growing one’s potential. To support peers with reflecting upon work and sharing ideas on ways to improve their learning experiences.