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The school was inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate in May 2022 and the key findings were:

The quality of the pupils’ personal development is excellent. Without a hint of self-importance, pupils develop confidence in their own abilities.

Pupils are exceptional in their ability to work together and to support the needs of others, both inside and outside their community.

The school’s assessment framework, using standardised tests, shows the pupils’ attainment in English and mathematics is expected or above the age-related expectations, including those with SEND.

In their response to the questionnaire, almost all parents agreed that the school helps their children to be confident and independent. From an early age, a strong emphasis on resilience, resourcefulness and perseverance helps pupils to develop mature levels of self-understanding and self-discipline, fostering excellent life skills for their future.

Across all ages, pupils progress is good overall, with some examples of rapid development.

Staff throughout the school provide positive role modelling for the pupils in their care.

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