Prep: ages 7-11

Learning and experiences are firmly embedded and extended. Children grow socially and emotionally. There is better understanding of oneself as a learner and greater tolerance of and respect for others.

Every class has a form teacher who is the focus of the academic and pastoral care for each child. Our teachers meet regularly to discuss the progress and wellbeing of each child in order to offer additional support when necessary.

As well as academic subjects, our curriculum offers a vast number of opportunities for children to take part in trips and visits which are designed to add breadth to learning, motivate, kindle their curiosity and help them grow as individuals.

Becoming a Prep pupil brings greater responsibility and a sense of pride in belonging to a team. At this point of transition, children in Year 3 look forward to finally becoming a member of one of the three houses.

All Prep children attend weekly House meetings to promote togetherness, inspire achievement and strive for success in healthy inter-house competitions and sports matches. There is always great excitement and anticipation in advance of the weekly announcement of house-point totals.

By Year 6, pupils are ready to assume individual, defined roles of responsibility, which are intended to both develop them as young people and be of benefit to the wider school and local community.

Scholarships are awarded annually to our pupils.

By the end of Year 6, the children have become confident, independent learners and are ready to face the new challenges of secondary school.


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