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At St Joseph's In The Park, our Woodlands Centre is specifically arranged to respond to the needs of those children who have some difficulty with English or Mathematics or because of a general requirement for support for a specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia or dyscalculia. We acknowledge and respect all individual differences in abilities and offer children opportunities to help them achieve, thrive and develop their inner talents and grow their self-esteem and self-confidence. 

Children usually join Woodlands from Year 3 onwards and we are able to offer some places in each of our Prep classes. Specialist teachers and learning support assistants provide a favourable ratio of staff to children and enable children to overcome or minimise the impact of their difficulties by supporting them to participate fully in their learning, provide time to work at their own pace and develop and achieve academically.

St Joseph's In The Park has high expectations for all children, including those with specific learning difficulties. Children are engaged and taught in a variety of ways and the curriculum is tailored to support individual needs.

Woodlands provides a small, safe and secure setting within a stimulating learning environment, where children can be recognised as individuals and their achievements celebrated by all. To support the ethos of 'togetherness', the children in Woodlands have all subjects apart from English and Mathematics in the main school and are fully integrated with their year group.

“We are extremely happy with all that the school and entire staff are doing with and for our girls. We are grateful and amazed with our children’s progress since joining St Joseph’s – especially with reading. We wish we had made the move sooner.”


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