Preparation for the future begins here



We understand that choosing a school for your child is a very important decision. You are always most welcome to visit us and see for yourself what we can offer your child.

Preparation for the future begins here

Early Years | Kindergarten | Nursery | Reception

  • Children may join the school at the beginning of the term in which they turn three.
  • Kindergarten and Nursery children have a maximum of ten sessions (five full days) available. However, the number of sessions your child attends is flexible, provided they are morning or whole day sessions.
  • We generally suggest a minimum of five sessions in Kindergarten and seven in Nursery. If you require fewer sessions, then please contact our Registrar.
  • You may increase sessions every half term and by the end of Nursery, most children attend nearly full time in preparation for moving up to Reception.
  • Lunch is included with morning sessions.
  • From Reception, we ask children to come in for two taster days to ensure your child is going to feel comfortable and will have the potential to thrive in our school.
  • We are not selective and while we accept children of all abilities, we insist that children are well-behaved.
  • Two recent reports are requested when available.

Infants and Juniors | Years 1 to 6

  • From Year 3 onwards, we require children to undertake a more formal assessment so that we can be sure we can cater for their learning needs.
  • Two recent reports are requested when available.

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